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If you have any questions about your camp

call LOUISE on 647-888-2939 or email 



  • July 4- Aug 18, 2023

    • Clarkson Road Presbyterian Church, 1338 Clarkson Road North, Mississauga ON L5J 2W5

  • Aug 21 – Sept 1, 2023

    • Knox Presbyterian Church, 89 Dunn St, Oakville ON L6J 3C8

Monday morning of your camp
You will be met by the registration team for your age group. From 9:00am - 9:15am on the Monday of camp week. 


  • MONDAY – FRIDAY 9:00 AM – 4PM, 

  • Aug 8-11 (4-day week) TUESDAY – FRIDAY 9:00 AM – 4PM

Super Scientist staff tutors are all STEM professionals and students who have worked in industry or are studying and have a life-long enthusiasm for STEM in all its forms. We all have experience teaching, volunteering, mentoring, and supporting youth in our community. 

Our camp counsellors are specially selected high school seniors or university students studying in STEM subjects ensuring that even our “fun” play is themed and educational. 

This gives us a unique perspective on the real-world implications and interactions of the science we are teaching, as well as a wealth of real-life anecdotes that the students love. Our classes are more like curious and active discussions into our subject matter, we often digress and explore as per the interest and question level in the room meaning that every session is original. We never leave a question unanswered – even if we must research to find the answer ourselves– a valuable life-lesson for students realising they do not need to know everything nor is there any shame in admitting they don’t!

We foster a super fun, super curious, enthusiastic safe learning environment for our students; all questions are answered, and curiosity is welcomed. In the process they will learn to seek (and identify) truth, qualify information sources, build tenacity and persistence, embrace complex problem solving, gain confidence in their abilities and validate their opinions. 

Our objective is to share our enthusiasm with the students and ensure they receive our support, engagement and encouragement in their STEM abilities to support their entire school career, becoming the leaders of the future. 

And, of course, we are having a lot of fun doing it.


Daily RATIOS Staff : Students

  • Grade 1-3  

    • Ratio 1:6/8 dependent on age, support for younger students is provided for in-class activities however they must be able to feed and visit the washroom independently.

  • Grade 4-5, Grade 7-8  

    • Ratio 1:10


We know you are excited to know the details of your week, but we are working hard on the class schedules right up to the last minute to make sure everyone gets every experience! 

Each week you will have a Physics, Chemistry, Life Science & Biology Day. We will also save a day for new emerging science called Frontiers. Super Fun Fridays are the finish to your week and we are planning some great fun problem-solving treats, but they are top secret!

Each day you will rotate through the areas of our campus. You will visit the Science rooms twice for experiments, rotate into our Robotics room, meet our Engineering Challenge in the gym and then visit the Research Corner. Weave into that your lunch break and outdoor games, and we are going to be a busy bunch!

Read below for some of the housekeeping info.

A folder of Emergency information will be created at the beginning of each week. This contains every camper’s medical and waiver form. Due to the sensitive nature of this folder, it is held in an accessible but secure location where camp staff can access it immediately in an emergency. 


We use this method as it is simple, reliable and failsafe. At the end of the campers’ final camp week the forms are securely destroyed. If you are with us multiple weeks, you need only complete them once.


All online information is securely stored.




  • We operate a safe drop off and pick up routine for our camps, we appreciate your patience while we complete this vital process. 

  • No child may be collected without notifying a member of staff and signing them out.

  • We must be informed if anyone other than a designated emergency contact will collect your child.

  • All allergies must be listed on the medical form as we use unusual materials for some of our experiments – it is always safer if we know.

  • A parent must sign out the child/ren they are collecting every single time. There is parking at both venues but in Oakville location we will bring the students to the door to make is easier.

All Super Scientist experiments are age appropriate, and groups will be split into age ranges to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT - Sometimes we use safety equipment such as safety glasses and ear plugs, this is more for the camper’s experience than any real need, but it is very good practice for campers to learn to observe care and caution around their experiments. All safety equipment is either disposable or cleaned between each use. 

SAFETY PROCESS – we observe the “toolbox talk” method of safety briefing. For every experiment we will have a safety briefing prior to distribution of any equipment or tools. All participants are required to stop activities and attend for the duration (usually only a few minutes). At this briefing the experiment will be explained, safety precautions will be explained and safe use of protective equipment will be demonstrated.


We will strictly adhere to ANY Provincial MEDICAL requirements at the time of the camp. We will monitor students and insist on handwashing before and after experiments and eating. This is simply good practice around science experiments anyway! 

  • As per the current requirements (which may be subject to change) - No child may attend camp if they are ill and suffering from COVID symptoms, even if they test negative on a home kit.

  • If a child becomes ill at camp their parents will be notified and they must be collected.

  • Return to class will be permitted based on the current government & provincial recommendations at the time.


Please send your camper with a school-safe lunch as we do have campers with allergies. We will have 45 mins for lunch and 2 x 20 min breaks for snacks and drinks etc. 

Our facility has access to outside and we will be using it as much as possible. We have some super fun games and experiments that can be experienced in- or outside, plus would like to use the breaks and lunches to let our campers run -off some steam, so please send your camper with a water bottle, hat and sunscreen. 

We will also have a supply of water with us if required.



As with last year, our very popular Parent Classroom Blog will be updated so you can see your campers participating in the experiments and activities. We hope you enjoy this as much as we will! Sign in details will be provided at drop off on your first day.
We respectfully ask you not to share with anyone outside of the class/camp. If you see a photo/picture you love within the blog - contact us and we will send it to you! Requested photos must feature your child as the main focus.


Every day, every experiment, our campers will be completing their logbooks. We are very open-minded about the format of this and will encourage campers to document experiments as drawings, cartoons, jokes etc. it will provide them with a record of their visit and hopefully be a fun memento of their week. 



Super Scientist provide all the materials needed for the experiments. Sometimes the equipment is reusable in which case our scientists learn to setup and cleanup their own experiments. The experiments will be documented in their logbooks and recorded on the blogs. Sometimes the kits are take-home, and you will see some fabulous creations coming your way.

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