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Our Vision

Is to bring communities together to equip STEM leaders of the future with the confidence & critical thinking skills to succeed and adapt in their ever-changing environment:

  • By ensuring that every child in every school has access to real programs that embed and reinforce their learning in fun & stimulating ways.


  • Connecting industry to early education - setting students on pathways to real success in their future.


Founder & CEO

Louise McPherson
MBA BEng (Hons)

Louise is an enthusiastic engineer who enjoys sharing practical experiments with students of all ages. Whilst working with her own two sons she realized that putting scientific theory into practice helped them make better sense of the physical world around them and for the last 10 years she has been delivering science & engineering challenges in schools to bring engineering and design theory to life.

Our team of Engineers, Scientists, Mathematicians, and Artists are excited about fostering curiosity in STEAM education space and are committed to helping children become successful, curious and caring, modern learners! Our programs are designed in partnership with researchers, teachers, and parents to create a new generation of technological leaders.

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