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School STEM Programs 

Our school programs offer exciting and engaging opportunities to help students explore their interests while broadening their knowledge and supplementing the curriculum. 

Sibling Challenge

Our after school program offers a variety of exciting and educational activities for children in grades 1-8. Coding and robotics classes are available for students in grades 4-8, while our STEM explorer classes provide hands-on, interactive learning experiences for students in grades 1-3.

Children in Science Class

Our In-School classes are designed to supplement and enrich the Ontario school curriculum. Our team will align it with the classroom topic, illustrating and embedding learning. We offer a diverse range of STEM topics to choose from, allowing your students to explore new concepts and ideas with hands-on learning.

Technology Class

Engineering Challenge provides an exciting and engaging school-wide project that allows students to work together as a team to develop creative solutions to real-world problems. Through this program, students are encouraged to think outside the box and use their engineering skills to design and build a prototype, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the curriculum. 

Why Choose Us?

Engaging Experiments
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Our programs offer hands-on experiments and activities that make learning science fun and interactive.

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We align and tailor our programs with Ontario curriculum, ensuring that the content complements and enhances classroom learning.

Expert Instructors
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Our instructors are educated and experienced professionals in their respective disciplines,  providing students with expert guidance and support.

After-School Programs

In-Class Programs

Engineering Challenge Catalogue

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