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Developing the STEM and STEAM leaders of tomorrow

Experts, industry leaders and schools working together to educate and inspire our children

What makes 
us unique!!

Over 10,000 inspiring scientists have enjoyed our courses supported by local Parents, Schools and Industry Partners.   

For Parents

If you are a parent and want to find out more about the programs we run throughout the year, click the button above.

For Schools

If you are a school and would like to know more about the classes, after school courses and engineering challenges we deliver, click the button above.

For Partners


If you are a company or higher education institution and would like to know more about supporting and inspiring the local kids, click the button above. 


Customer Feedback

"I wanted to tell you my kids love your program and most importantly they love you! They said you are sooo kind and soooo patient. And every now and then I hear them ask “why?” ...oohhh that is music to my ear..except I don’t have your patience and knowledge to answer those science questions.  So thank you thank you for creating this program and having the supplies ready in the box. 

Please tell me you have the next 8/10 sessions ready for sign up? My girls already asking.

Thank you for taking time out to explain the concepts behind these experiments. The fact they are so interested lays a great path for future science classes”

Julie, Mother of 2

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