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The Super Scientists WIN Engineering Excellence Award at LEGO Robotics

On Dec 17th, 2022, the first ever Super Scientist team arrived at dawn to compete in the exciting FIRST LEGO robotics Super Charged Qualifying competition. After spending 14 weeks designing their robot, strategy, and amazing Innovation Project the team were there to showcase their hard work with 23 other teams, competing for 9 spots at the Provincial finals.

The challenges are tough and time-consuming. Teams are required to design and build their robot and then program it to complete a complex set of challenges all within a 2.5 minute time slot, abiding by the rules and holding their nerve. They then demonstrate their depth of understanding of the subject matter and how they have applied it in a detailed innovation project that must be presented to a panel of judges.

Our team held their own amongst many experienced teams who had competed year on year. Their presentation and imagination as to application of engineering principles and design blew the judges away and earned them the Engineering Excellence Award. They then followed this success by succeeding in promotion to the Provincial Finals on Jan 14th.

Congratulations to them on a well-deserved win that rewards their perseverance, ingenuity and professionalism. We are very proud to have mentored them.

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