Impact Focus

Super Scientist strives to provide hands-on engineering and science experiences to every child in EVERY elementary school. 


Most importantly we teach a procedural, analytical approach to problem-solving that can be applied to any complex problem in any field. This allows participants to achieve amazing results from the simplest materials and solve complex real-life problems in effective ways.


Our programs are curriculum-aligned, designed to embed, reinforce and illustrate classroom learning in real-life scenarios creating in-depth understanding. They are designed to supplement and support existing classroom-based learning.


We connect experts from industry and university directly to school participants during the design and test phases of the program giving participants real-life feedback and context.


By working with both students and educators we create environments that are safe and open for experiment-based learning.

Working on a Computer
Fixing a Computer
Augmented Reality Glasses

Participants are more confident and capable of solving complex problems in a systematic manner. This is a key life skill that employers rank as the No. 1 requirement for all new employees.


Early and repeated exposure to these challenges creates flexible and adaptable individuals who are capable of coping with the fast-changing environment they will work in.


We are accessing currently untapped pools of potential, such as females and minorities, and allowing them access to skills that equip them for success in university and the job market in the future.

Exposure to different streams of science and engineering through industry partnerships demonstrates the vast spectrum of work covered by STEM and educates future candidates to the possibilities of STEM careers.