Engineering Challenge


Grades 1-8

Aligned to Canadian Curriculum

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EML & STEAM Methods

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Aimed to Harness Creativity & Ideas

Hands-on & High-quality content

Our STEAM experts will come to your school to take your students on a technical exploration through the creative design process

Super Scientists Methods

What's Included:

  • All Materials, documentation and 3 full sessions with our STEAM experts

  • Our projects are phased over a period of one month, with a 2-3 week build phase, allowing for a design immersion experience

  • Walkthrough of the critical design process and opportunity to apply it in a real-life design

  • Exposure and interaction with engineers and scientists from industry


We come to your school to introduce students to exciting challenges based on real-world applications

In-Depth Tutorial

We teach the principles of STEAM  through hands-on engaging demonstrations and interactive tutorial sessions


Students will learn about prototyping, testing, development & delivery as well as critical life skills of time management and team work 


Designs are tested in a supportive environment by industry based judges with constructive feedback


  • Hands-on application to deliver and reinforce theory by practice

  • Participants learn skills such as problem-solving, project planning, prototyping, delivery, and design evolution

  • Increased confidence to approach complex problems in a systematic manner

  • Link with local corporate partners to create relationships in your community

  • Learn to harness creativity and turn concepts into functional solutions

  • Great preparation for higher learning in STEAM fields