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Super Scientist in Schools

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Choose Super Scientist to support your school's STEM education program and bring interactive, hands-on learning to your students. Experiential learning has been proven to be the most effective way to reinforce and deepen students' understanding of STEM concepts.


Our program provides skilled tutors, detailed documentation, and necessary equipment to ensure an engaging, educational, and fun experience for your students. We offer a range of programs to support your school's needs, including in-school hands-on science, coding and robotics, and after-school STEM programs.

Our School Engineering Challenges are particularly exciting and engage the entire school in a month-long engineering project that focuses on solving a current real-world problem. This opportunity allows students to apply problem-solving and critical design thinking skills, while incorporating their in-class studies. Through the experience of researching, designing, testing, and improving, students will develop important life skills that prepare them for the ever-changing workplace of the future. These team projects also help to improve communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills, while utilizing cross-curriculum media skills to produce presentations, supporting documentation, blogs, and vlogs.

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