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 STEM and STEAM challenges for the leaders of tomorrow.

Our program includes onsite support and all required materials 

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Our Vision

Our STEAM experts will  take you  on a technical exploration through the creative design process

Super Scientists Methods

Super Scientist provides both in-school and extra-curricular science events, encouraging the next generation to achieve amazing results. 

Girls Building Robot
Engineering Class
Teacher and Students in Science Class

We work with students from a young age to approach complex challenges in a systemic manner.


Students solve real-life problems, and discover the joy of science, in a fun and supportive environment  

We work with industry partners to provide exposure to relevant science and technology challenges.

Interacting with industry broadens the student's horizons to science and technology careers.

We work with educators to increase their confidence ​to deliver exciting and interactive science experiences in the classroom.


The Super Scientist program is curriculum-aligned, embedding and illustrating classroom lessons.


Everybody Loves Super Scientists!


"I had fun building planes with the Superscientists. I learned all about flight and testing".

Isabella, 7 year old

Seven Years Experience Running Challenges in Peel District School Board

Improve Problem-Solving Skills and Confidence

Super Charge a love of STEAM

Real-life Applications, Hands-on experience

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